Ford to Use "Video Snacks" to Educate on Tech and Car Features

By Matthew Askari | April 16, 2013
Even basic cars these days are laden with ever-increasing features and technology, and to help familiarize new customers on how to use them, Ford has developed "video snacks." The "snacks" are essentially short, bite-sized videos that explain Ford features, and ones that aren't necessarily model-specific. "What's going to make this so exciting for customers, is they can learn at their own pace, and be able to control the experience," said Andrew Ashman, Ford consumer experience manager. Customers, who normally would go over a long feature checklist when picking up their new vehicle, can shorten the time at the dealership by viewing the short clips on their own time. Ford has created over 100 of the videos, and features such as MyKey--which among other things allows parents to limit the speed a car can travel if their teenage kids borrow it--are explained simply and easily. Other video snacks include operating the remote start system, and are made to be used across Ford's range of vehicles. Inspiration for the video snacks came from Ford's Global Consumer Experience Movement, part of the automaker's new initiate to elevate the dealer-customer experience. At we're all for making cars and the content within them accessible and easy to understand. To get a better idea of the videos, you can check out the MyKey video snack below.

Source: Ford