Ford Updates Software to Make Sure Your 1.6-Liter EcoBoost Engine Doesn't Explode

By Jacob Brown | December 11, 2012
Ford has had a past few weeks that we wouldn't wish upon anyone, suffering two recalls in the same week for some of the same vehicles. Among the biggest concern was that 2013 Ford Escape and Fusion SE and SEL models equipped with the new EcoBoost 1.6-liter engine could overheat and quickly go up in smoke. Ford says it now has a fix, though, which comes down to reprogramming the engine's computer to better handle keeping the car cool. Under certain conditions, the little four-cylinder engine would lose coolant pressure, and the engine would subsequently become too hot to handle. In a voluntary recall issued on November 30, Ford said it would provide transportation for affected customers free of charge who were concerned about their vehicles until a fix was found. Customers sometimes found that their diagnostic readout had cut power to keep the engine cool, limiting its usability. However, now, Ford has found a fix and will begin performing it on the 1.6-liter engines--including providing transportation in the meantime--for no extra charge. Ford says the fix will take about a half-day, but a backlog of vehicles may force the automaker to keep cars longer at a dealership. Only owners of mid-level EcoBoost 1.6-liter engines are affected; neither the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder nor the EcoBoost 2.0-liter engine in Titanium models are affected by this recall. If you're concerned about whether your car is affected, check your vehicle identification number at the bottom of your windshield on the driver's side. If the eighth digit is an X on your Escape or an R on your Fusion, you probably ought to call Ford to schedule an appointment immediately. That can be done by calling your local Ford dealership or Ford's national customer service lines: (866) 436-7332 in the U.S. or (888) 222-7814 in Canada. Source: Ford