Upgrades to 2014 Ford C-Max Aimed At Improving Fuel Efficiency

By | August 16, 2013
After the statement made yesterday that Ford has lowered the mpg label for the 2013 C-Max, Ford announced that the 2014 C-Max, set to go on sale in December, will feature upgrades to help boost fuel economy, as well as use a different mpg label test procedure. Changes to the 2014 Ford C-Max include gearing changes that provide a more efficient transmission, a new hood seal, front and rear tire deflectors, A-pillar moldings, and rear liftgate deflectors to improve aerodynamics. Ford has also added new engine oil with reduced friction. "Ford is absolutely committed to being a leader in the hybrid market and to top fuel efficiency across our lineup. We are taking actions with our popular C-Max Hybrid so that customers are even more satisfied with the vehicle's on-road fuel efficiency performance," said Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development, in a recent interview.
The discussion yesterday about the EPA mpg labels and vehicle testing for hybrids has prompted ford to change the way mpg is tested for labeling. General Label Testing has one mpg rating for multiple vehicles, even if fuel economy may be different. What Ford and the EPA are doing for the 2014 C-Max is to test it as an individual vehicle. Testing for the 2014 C-Max is currently underway. Source: Ford