Ford Wants You to Off-Road Your Raptor the Right Way

By Blake Z. Rong | October 24, 2012
Seriously, stop it. Quit jumping over mile-wide culverts and bottoming out on rocks at 70 miles per hour and getting the Raptor stuck over stuff and then rocking between 4Lo and the Express setting on your cappuccino maker in a smoky, driveshaft-grinding attempt to get it out. It's a $43,340 truck; don't shove it around like it's a Tonka product. Instead, take it to Ford, where they'll learn you right in their new Ford Raptor driving school. The Ford Racing Raptor Assault program comes with all the Monster energy drink your cornfed veins can handle and takes place at Miller Motorsports Park, outside Salt Lake City. What will be there, however, is an 8-acre rock crawling course, a high-speed off-road course, and a whopping 800-acre desert racing course that attempts to simulate Baja without all the sabotage. Finally, a chance to jump your Raptor safely and soundly in a controlled environment, but sadly without the fun variables of stupidity that makes for entertaining YouTube videos. A Raptor Assault Experience lasts about a morning or an afternoon depending on the schedule, and costs $300. If you want to tool around theĀ  Mormon desert, the full-day Assault School costs $1,395. And if you own a Raptor, you'll inevitably get a discount. (Don't even think about bringing your Ram Runner there.) And if this appeals to you, go ahead and sign up right here.
Come to think of it, we can think of a few future enrollees. Source: Ford Racing