Ford's CEO Alan Mulally Confirms Plan to Stay Through 2014

By Jacob Brown | December 06, 2013
If you look at the list of people to whom the Ford family should be indebted for life, it's quite small. But perhaps at the top of that list should be none other than Alan Mulally. Known as a turnaround genius, Mulally joined Ford after leaving a transformed Boeing that was on the verge of going under. He pulled off his magic again at Ford, mortgaging everything the company owned to stay on top of a crumbling economy. Then, when things were rebounding, Ford became known as the American car company that didn't take the government bailout. Nevermind the fact that Ford has taken billions of government dollars in loans over the years. Ford's CEO has been pivotal in keeping the image and the direction of the company viable, all while paring and consolidating products to make the company leaner, greener, and meaner.
Now, it's being reported that Mulally will be sticking around until the end of 2014, which has been reported before. But it was worth reiterating. The 68-year-old--and really nice guy, from my experience--has helped shape up a once-ailing Ford and is considered to be a front-runner to replace Microsoft's Steve Ballmer over the next year. What will that mean for Ford? Likely not much since the company is on a roll. Its products have been thoroughly reinvigorated, and its path has been set for at least the next four or five years under Mulally's leadership. It would take quite a job of mismanagement to destroy that, at least in the nearterm. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)