Ford's Mercury Brand and Its Hold on Women

By Automotive Staff | May 24, 2007
One of the leading advocates who called for Ford to throw Mercury under the bus was Washington Post reporter Warren Brown. He would argue that Mercury was a terrible weight on Ford and needed to be cast off.Well, in his latest work, Brown admitted that he was wrong. What caused the conversion? Well, he test-drove the new Mercury Mariner hybrid SUV. Originally he was reluctant to even drive it, but when he gave it a chance and, well, he was impressed, too. But it was his wife and female assistant's whole-hearted endorsement that caused him to have an epiphany. Women like Mercury vehicles. And Ford--Mercury's owner--seems to think so, too, to the chagrin of mostly male enthusiasts. The automaker has even admitted--slyly, of course--of having funded an ad campaign targeting women. Our take? So, if it is true that women love Mercury, is it enough? No doubt, we will see. And pundits like Warren Brown will tell us.
naomi bias
naomi bias

so sorry to hear of the demise of the Mercury. I like the streamlined look of the Mercury M. I have one and really like it. rides well. i like the feature of the brakes..moving to fit short people. real good idea.