Ford's Mercury brand: In Denial?

By Automotive Staff | June 17, 2008
As rumors swirl around Mercury concerning possibilities that Ford may be selling it, the automaker once again asserted that the brand is “ important part of the stable of brands.” The rumors, apparently, are sparked by the fact that Mercury sales dropped close to 7 percent in 2007. Ford also announced that it will be offering incentives to encourage more sales of SUVs and pickup trucks. Our take? Do something with Mercury! Retire it or give it an extreme makeover! Do you really think $2,000 worth of bling is going to fool the public forever? We're not talking about Escalades here: the penny-pinching public's not as forgiving -- or blind -- with their money, and neither is the press (just ask so-called Hollywood starlets). via Reuters

I have driven and owned the Mountaineer and the Explorer. No comparison. I'd rather pay the extra $2000.00 and have the Mountaineer any day.