Forget Teens, Beware the Purple-Haired Drivers!

By Matthew Askari | January 26, 2012
They're the soberest demographic, the most likely to be buckled-in while driving, and...the deadliest. It turns out grandma and grandpa—who are likely not checking their status feeds and replying to texts, who have five decades of experience not five months—may soon be the biggest threat on the road. According to a report in Forbes, a National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration study back in 1997 found that "on the basis of estimated annual travel, the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is 9 times as high as the rate for drivers 25 through 69." Nine times. Apparently, purple hair may be more dangerous than purple drank. Some of the reasons are obvious. The ailments that come along with aging—a deterioration in vision and hearing, a slowing of the reflexes and perception and reaction times—all afflict functions necessary vital to drivers. And while distracted and inexperienced teens are a big concern for drivers today, within a decade the number of senior citizens (65 years and older) will be nearly double them.
If you're in this age group or know someone who is, it may be wise to ask these questions, offered by the NHTSA:
  • Do you get lost on familiar routes?
  • Have you noticed new dents in your car?
  • Have you been involved, or were nearly involved in a crash where you were at fault?
  • Are you overwhelmed by signs or signals while driving?
  • Are you taking medication that could hinder your driving ability?
  • Has your doctor advised you to limit or cease driving?
  • Do you drive so slowly that traffic builds up behind you?
  • Do you suffer from ailments (glaucoma, arthritis, diabetes, etc.) that limit your driving ability?
While many drivers could answer yes to at least one of these questions, it may take some honest thought to know if you pose a risk to other drivers, and if it's time to hang up the keys.
Source: Forbes

I disagree... The most dangerous drivers is those, who don´t (or wont) learn from their own little mistakes, no matter age and experience !!!