G-Power tunes BMW M5 as World's Fastest Sedan

By Automotive Staff | December 26, 2008
On the ATP High Speed tracks of Papenburg, Germany, where blistering hot competition is the norm, a new record has been set. The previous record was held by a Brabus tuned Mercedes-Benz CLS-based Rocket, clocked at 226.80 mph around Italy’s Nardo Circuit. Well, G-Power, a tuning company, took its “World’s Fastest BMW” and turned it into the “World’s Fastest Sedan”. The E60 series twin-supercharged BMW M5 Hurricane RS ran a clocked and certified 228.4 mph with a beefy 750 hp. Our take? These records never stay for long as challengers are always pushing the limits with performance parts and clever engineering. Who knows? Next week, Brabus may bust this record and take back the title. Now imagine taking your family on a ride like that one.
via Motor Trend