Galpin Auto Sports to Build "Top Secret" Ford GT Knockoff

By Jacob Brown | December 04, 2012
There's no doubt about the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT supercar being an amazing machine whose life was cut short by the sort of inevitability that comes with being a limited-production car. But Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) wants to take that memory of that beloved $130,000 vehicle and kick it around some, saying that what it's doing is "top secret" all the while in hopes to get customers to pay many times more than what something is worth. Galpin says its car will be called the GTR-1, and it's based around the concept of what the Ford GT "would have looked like if Ford had continued production." Basically, it's a Ford GT dressed up in hand-made aluminum or carbon fiber bodywork, with an engine jacked up to just shy of 1,000 horsepower. Of course no other information about it is available beyond that and an early spring 2013 on-sale date. It's top secret. GAS dropped two concept pictures of the car that you see here at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show last week. But we didn't see it at the time; we were too busy covering real cars that run on more than just high hopes and wishful thinking. Do we sound a little skeptical? Yeah, probably. Because the last time an independent "automaker" made a "top secret" car, it was rapper trying to make us believe that his rebodied DeLorean from 1982 could be sold as a new car 30 years later.
What do you think? Should GAS be commended for attempting to build something Ford wouldn't? Or in a world of nearly 700-horsepower Lamborghinis and a wave of new six-figure supercars, should we ignore this "top secret" concept from a company whose most recognized claim to fame is a few years on MTV's Pimp My Ride? Source: Galpin via Hot Rod Magazine
Acura of Denville
Acura of Denville

Attractive model of Ford. It has a so many features in this car. One extra strong point is that engine jacked up to just of 1,000 horsepower.