Gap in Porsche Model Lineup? Panamera-based Coupe Due in 2014/2015

By Jason Davis | July 14, 2011
Porsche is planning to launch a new exotic sports coupe and convertible in 2014/2015, Autocar reports. Based on the second-generation Panamera sedan due at the same time, the new car would fill what Porsche feels is a hole in its new model lineup. Hole? Yeah, we’re scratching our heads, also.
The new coupe, inspired by the classic Porsche 928 (pictured), would fit above the $245,950 911 GT2 RS in the current lineup and beneath its $845,000 918 Spyder super hybrid in a segment that sells 10,000 units worldwide. It's not entirely clear what differentiates that segment from the 911 and the 918, but some believe the automaker is targeting models from Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz.
"Between the top 911 model and the 918 Spyder, there's a price range that we're not serving, but where other manufacturers are selling one or another product," said Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s Sales Chief, in an interview with Automotive News. Though Autocar’s source rejected the possibility of derivatives based on the current-generation Panamera, Maier told Automotive News that “the initial ideas look very promising on paper” and could, in addition to coupe and convertible, include a wagon—if Porsche can expand its building capacity. With Porsche already expanding production at the Leipzig plant to meet Cayenne demand, it is possible that the next-gen Panamera, built at Volkswagen’s Hannover facility, might share Leipzig production space with derivatives such as the new coupe. Sources: Autocar, Automotive News (Subscription required), Porsche