General Motors and BMW to Collaborate on Fuel Cell Technology

By Jacob Brown | December 12, 2011
BMW has made a rapid push to expand its portfolio of alternative fuel vehicles. Just weeks after signing an agreement with Toyota to license its hybrid technology, the German automaker is shaking hands with General Motors to share in hydrogen fuel cells. GM will be focusing on researching and developing the technology, but BMW is funding it. The two automakers will sign a memorandum of understanding following the Detroit Auto Show. General Motors and BMW have both been experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells for years, with the BMW Hydrogen 7 (pictured) being the first limited production fuel-cell vehicle to come from either of them in the mid-2000s. This deal should allow both companies to be able to sell the technology on a much wider scale.
So far, GM has kept mum on the subject while BMW confirmed that it was planning to work with GM on fuel cells. Few other details have emerged, but we will keep you updated as we find out more. Source: Bloomberg Business Week