General Motors contracts after 20 Years of Global Expansion, Domination

By Automotive Staff | March 09, 2009
Detroit News auto writer Daniel Howes is noticing something that General Motors is doing that is contrary to its actions for the last 20 years -- dismantling its global presence.Former GM Chairman Jack Smith spent much of his tenure trying to make General Motors a global power. He was able to get GM into strong market positions in such countries as China and Russia as well as in countries in Europe and Latin America. Now, due to the economic crisis in the auto industry all of what Mr. Smith built is falling down like a house of cards. In Europe, there is a real possibility that GM controlled Opel and Vauxhall will be spun off into independent entities. And it is said that Saab is on the way to doing the same thing. There goes GM in Europe. It seems that tough times call for tough decisions. But it will be in the long term where GM will suffer.

Power and greed perhaps is the fuel that is driving them to failure?