General Motors Cruz’ing in June

By Jason Davis | July 01, 2011
No “June Gloom” for General Motors, as increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has spurred more consumers to put their trust—and their cash—in GM’s outstretched hand. Led by the Chevrolet Cruze, whose retail sales are up 153 percent over the Cobalt it replaced, GM’s total U.S. retail sales rose 4 percent over May and, overall, 10.2 percent over June 2010. The Cruze, which is good for 42 mpg highway, sold 20,000 vehicles in each of the last three months—17% of which were the 42 mpg Cruze Eco.
Also of note were the Buick Regal, with 3533 units sold. Thirty percent of all Regals were turbo models. Meanwhile, retail sales for the GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox crossovers were up 78 percent. GM's fleet sales decreased 1 percent compared to last June.
"With continued strong consumer demand for GM’s fuel-efficient vehicles, June was another solid month for us," said Don Johnson, vice president, U.S. Sales Operations. “The month caps a successful first half of 2011 for us in the U.S. market – our sales are up and we’ve gained share profitably.” June also marked the 21st consecutive month that Buick and GMC have had year-over-year total and retail sales gains, and the third straight month for Chevy, whose sales of passenger cars were greater than its trucks and crossovers—a feat that hasn’t happened in 20 years. Source: GM