General Motors deeply discounts HUMMER H2, H3 Models as Brand winds down

By Automotive Staff | April 08, 2010
As previously posted, General Motors is winding down its HUMMER brand. Nearly 153 dealerships are affected. GM, to speed sales of the last remaining 2000+ SUVs, is offering $4000 in rebates on remaining 2010 H3 and H3T models. 2009 H3 and H2 models buyers receive a $6000 rebate. 2009 H3Ts get $5000 off. Finally, the automaker is offering zero-percent financing for up to six years for qualified customers. Expect these deals to last through the end of April. Current and future owners looking for service will most likely be directed to the nearest Cadillac dealerships. via Automobile Magazine

Ohh I  missed...........I want to purchase a Hummer for my father.He is retired army person and he reallylikes Hummer from  his Army day's.He used to this car when he was in Army.Can any one suggest me from wher I can purchase Hummer with in  best price??

thesavagepony's sad that Hummer's are selling at all these low prices and yet people still don't want them. Although, I wonder if I were to buy one and keep it as a collectible if the value would be great 30yrs from now.