General Motors, Ford head Down Under to Australia for more Car Development

By Automotive Staff | October 19, 2009
We are all aware that General Motors and Ford have manufacturing plants and other facilities in several countries in the world. But did you know that one of those countries is Australia?According to Ward's Auto, the U.S. carmakers are impressed with the country’s research and development operations as well as close ties with the industry, government and various scientific organizations. Thus, GM is investing $903,114 into Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology for research and development. Plans could include the development of electric motors, battery technology and advanced electronic systems in Australia for both Ford and GM. This is in addition to the Australian government's $5.4 billion program that encourages the manufacturing of green cars. Our take? Hopefully all this international investment will, eventually, bring cold, hard cash to U.S. coffers.