General Motors hopes Free Maintenance will keep Pontiac Owners loyal to GM Brand

By Automotive Staff | January 21, 2010
There may no longer be a Pontiac brand in the General Motors stable anymore, but there are a lot of Pontiac models traversing the roads of the United States. The owners of these cars still have to get them serviced, maintained, and repaired. How General Motors handles them may determine if these customers buy a GM car when it comes time to abandon the old Pontiac. Thus, the car maker is offering them four free maintenance visits during 2010. GM alerted the owners of 1999 and later Pontiacs of the offer via mail. A GM spokesman said that about one million letters went out. Owners will just need to go to a Buick-GMC dealer to take advantage of the offer.
via eGMcartech

I received this offer in the form of a credit card looking coupon but it is on a vehicle I don't own any longer. Can it be used on my present GM vehicle?