General Motors Redesigning Light-Duty Pickups Due Out Next Year

By Trevor Dorchies | January 13, 2012
Detroit-based auto maker General Motors is in the process of redesigning its full-size light-duty pickup trucks. GM will be unleashing its latest variation of the popular Silverado and Sierra pickups next year as 2014 models. The heavy-duty models will remain unchanged for now as exterior styling was tweaked along with an extensive refresh underneath the hood for 2010. GM's latest interpretation of the Silverado and Sierra 1500 will include an eight-speed transmission, new chassis, and better fuel economy courtesy of improved aerodynamics. The pickups will also have less mass overall and will receive more engine improvements along with a few other changes GM hasn't revealed as of yet. Both the interior and exterior will also be completely redesigned. Back in 2010 the Silverado and Sierra 2500 and 3500 was on the receiving end of a long list of engineering improvements.  Some of the major alterations the heavy-duty trucks went through include a new chassis, a reengineered diesel engine, and significant changes to the steering and suspension. All of these changes were made to components that lie underneath the sheet metal so many people couldn't tell anything was new. A new hood graced the front of the Silverado and Sierra but only minor tweaking to the grille and the rest of the nose occurred; the interior was a carryover.
The plan is to introduce a redesigned version of the Silverado and Sierra 1500 next year with the heavy-duty variants appearing at dealerships a year after that. However since the heavy-duty pickups received many changes underneath the hood and sheet metal we expect most of the changes made to the 2014 HD Silverado and Sierra will be cosmetic. New crinkles in the sheet metal along with a new interior are expected to command most of the attention by GM designers for the next-generation Silverado and Sierra. Do you think a truck that has less mass and gets better fuel economy will deliver on those promises? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Automotive News