General Motors Says It Wants Eight 40-MPG Cars on Road by 2017 in New Sustainability Report

By Jacob Brown | July 11, 2013
General Motors has released its latest sustainability report, outlining how it plans to cut CO2 emissions, decrease the need for landfills, and double the number of 40-mpg cars on the road by 2017. No, that's not double the number of sales; that's double the number of car models it sells from four to eight. Currently, General Motors sells the Chevrolet Cruze in Eco and Diesel variants, the Chevrolet Sonic, Chevrolet Volt, and Chevrolet Spark EV. Upcoming 40-mpg models include the Cadillac ELR, and, um...
We're going to assume in their next generations, the Chevrolet Spark will reach above its current 39 mpg highway, and the Chevrolet Malibu Eco will undoubtedly move higher up the mpg food chain. That doesn't leave a whole lot of other models between now and 2017 for fuel economy improvements. Compare that to Toyota, which already has 10 separate models that achieve 40 mpg or more, counting Lexus models and regional exclusives like the RAV4 EV and Prius Plug-In. That's without the upcoming 2014 Toyota Corolla yet on the market or the impending hydrogen car that's slated for release during the 2015 model year.
Also outlined in the report, General Motors has said:
  • It wants to have 500,000 cars on the road by 2017 with some kind of electric power, including models like the Malibu Eco and LaCrosse eAssist.
  • It plans to reduce CO2 numbers in the U.S. by 15 percent by 2016 and 27 percent in Europe by 2020.
  • The company wants to double its use of biomass energy from landfills and solar energy.
  • It wants to continue recycling 90 percent of its manufacturing waste.
"You can see sustainability in action in everything we’re doing to grow our business around the world," GM CEO Dan Akerson said in a statement.
"Sustainability is not only a key part of how GM is shifting from a good to great company, it is about the leadership and innovation that can transform the auto industry," he continued. "Our long-term approach to sustainability enables us to increase efficiency and reimagine personal mobility to best meet customer needs and lifestyles." Source: General Motors