General Motors' Second Time around Compact Track with Saturn

By Automotive Staff | September 29, 2008
How GM is positioning Saturn brand to avoid BanGeneral Motors, apparently wanting to increase its presence in the small car market 18 years ago, unveiled a new brand -- Saturn. The foundation of the new company were smaller cars made of dent-resistant bodies that were fuel efficient and affordable. And it worked! Even the pundits were impressed. Popular Mechanics awarded the company with design and engineering accolades. But as the years went on, Saturn got a little stale. New products were not forthcoming. Today, things are different. Whether it is because of the current situation with the price of gasoline or just to keeps its diminishing marketshare, GM, in a concentrated effort to give the public the smaller, fuel efficient cars, put Saturn back on the radar screen. It has a brand new model called the Astra, which is built in Belgium, a region of the world where small and fuel efficient has been something favored for a long time. And there is the Vue, which has been a good selling crossover for the nameplate. And there is the 2008 Saturn Outlook, which is attracting buyers with families. It all looks good for Saturn again. It is even getting awards again. It is the most improved brand as far as customer service is concerned. And that is documented by a survey done by the University of Michigan. So, the bottom line question: Can Saturn help General Motors elude bankruptcy? via Detroit News