General Motors to Honor Saab Warranties at 179 North American Facilities

By Jacob Brown | December 26, 2012
If you're one of the New England college professors who purchased a Saab and are a little miffed that the brand went belly-up just as you put down your hard-earned dollars, both the defunct Swedish automaker and General Motors have quite the holiday news for you: GM will be honoring warranty claims for Saab vehicles at 179 certified dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. There's a catch, though. General Motors sold Saab in 2009 and assumes no responsibility after such time. Many Saabs built before their cutoff date have plenty of of their warranties intact; sorry if your car is 2010 or later. You're out of luck. What makes this deal fascinating is that at the 179 service centers that have been certified for Saab repairs, the Swedish brand gives "Saab owners the opportunity to have their vehicles repaired by Saab factory trained technicians using Saab Genuine Parts by a nationwide network of Warranty Service Providers." Despite the fact it's no longer in business--at least for now--Saab is sticking up for its owners.
"Our agreement with General Motors is an important step in supporting Saab owners in North America and ensuring they have access to Saab Genuine Parts, service programs and technical support for years to come," says Tim Colbeck , president and CEO of Saab Automobile Parts North America, in a statement. Additionally, Saab says next year it will be launching a new program called Saab Support, which will help out those who purchased 2010 and 2011 vehicles and currently receive no warranty support from the automaker. In June 2012, Saab founded Saab Parts North America in a 153,000 square-foot facility in Michigan to distribute parts for the brand throughout North America. Saab says it has over 50,000 parts numbers on-hand--more than 70,000 different parts in total--ready to ship out to customers in need of repairs. Late in 2011, Saab folded sales operations after former parent company GM stonewalled Saab's efforts to sell its operations to Chinese firms. Now after winding down operations, rumors persist that Saab is starting to reorganize as a maker of electric cars, perhaps based on the Phoenix architecture it had planned to use for the next-generation 9-3 compact sports sedan. Source: General Motors