General Motors wants to continue Pontiac, Matrix alliance with Toyota

By Automotive Staff | April 29, 2009
Now that General Motors has formally announced that its Pontiac brand is joining the late, lamented Oldsmobile, speculation is turning to the Pontiac Vibe. For those just joining us, the Vibe is a joint project with Toyota, which produces a similiar vehicle, the Toyota Matrix. Both are manufactured under the automakers' New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. GM, apparently wants to maintain the relationship, though not under the Pontiac brand. Per eGMCarTech: According to Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson, GM is in talks with Toyota to produce a new model for one of the surviving brands including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac. Without the Pontiac Vibe, GM is left without a need for NUMMI.
"We’re negotiating to see how best to utilize that facility going forward," Hopson told Automotive News . "We’re clearly not backing away from our partnership at NUMMI. There’s no issue of us backing away from NUMMI."