Geneva: Volkswagen To Debut GTI Convertible

By Blake Z. Rong | February 07, 2012
Fans of the classic droptop Volkswagen Golf, a mainstay and icon of the European sun-seeking automotive lineup, can finally rejoice: Volkswagen will debut the 2013 GTI Cabriolet at the Geneva Auto Show in March, as a last farewell to the current Golf range. There have been several compact Golf Cabrios and Eos convertibles in the past, but never one built on the sporty GTI platform. At previous events, Volkswagen has toyed with the idea of a cabriolet in a performance car—but if this comes to fruition, the GTI Cabriolet will pack the same 200-hp, turbocharged 2.0-liter four and six-speed manual transmission (or VW’s excellent DSG automatic) as the hardtop--but with the ability for the world to finally check out your sweet plaid seats. Better yet, there could even be a Golf R convertible, complete with the four-wheel drive and 256 horsepower fury that entails. Hold onto your hats, kids.
If VW follows through with its plans, the 2013 GTI Cabriolet could hit showrooms by the end of the year, and be priced accordingly north of the GTI’s base price of $23,995. And may we take this time to remind Volkswagen that now would be the perfect opportunity to reenact this classic commercial—and perhaps introducing Nick Drake to a whole new generation of trendy young folks. Source: Auto Express