Germany's Famed Nurburgring for Sale

By Matthew Askari | October 30, 2013
These days it's hard to go a week without hearing that an automaker is testing a forthcoming or newly on-sale model on Germany's famed Nurburgring racetrack. Alfa Romeo was tooting its own horn when the Alfa 4C recently lapped the track in just over eight minutes, but then again, Alfa has to keep us interested amid its never-ending delays in bringing its sports coupe to America. The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 also made headlines when, amid slick conditions, it impressively beat the time set by the Porsche 911. Completed in 1927, the 'Ring was created to showcase German engineering, and the long, challenging track simulates several real-world driving situations and varied roads, making it perfect for evaluating a vehicle's suspension, handling, cornering capability, and more. And according to a recent Reuters report, the Nurburgring is now for sale. Germany's own automakers—that'd likely mean BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler—are all believed to be considering making a bid for the 'Ring. Just last year, Porsche bought the Nardo racetrack in Italy—we suspect this is in part to have access to good espresso, which is crucial during testing days—and being associated with the country's most famous track has obvious allure. Currently, the Nurburgring has revenue of about $70-80 million and profits of about $10 million. An administrator for the track says he hopes to have a deal in place by early next year.
Source: Reuters