GM and Ford Lead List of Automakers With Most Models Made in the U.S.

By Joel Arellano | July 06, 2011
Arguments over which automaker is “Most American” have battled in the U.S. since the first imports arrived. Consumer Reports recently joined the melee by looking at each automaker and how many models for the 2011 model year that are actually built on U.S. soil. Not surprisingly, General Motors, Ford, and Chevrolet build the most models in the U.S. GM leads the pack at 27 models divided among Buick (3), Cadillac (4), Chevrolet (12), and GMC (8) divisions. Chevrolet alone matches all Chrysler brands (12) built in the U.S. while Ford (12) just manages to squeak ahead with its Lincoln brand (2) at 14 models. Among the Japanese automakers, many might guess that Toyota (9) or even Nissan (7) build the most models in the U.S. Since Nissan’s Infiniti division and all of Toyota’s Scion and Lexus models are built outside the U.S. the leader is Honda (8) and its Acura division (2) with a combined figure of 10.
The German automakers had the most surprising figures. All Volkswagens and its luxury division Audi are built overseas, though the company's Tennessee factory will soon begin building Passat midsize sedans. Mercedes-Benz leads the Germans at 4 models built in the U.S. closely followed by BMW (3). How important to you is the number of models an automaker builds domestically? Let us know in the comments below. Source: Consumer Reports