GM News: CEO Didn't Ask for Raise; Former VW Officer Takes Over Marketing Role

By Jason Davis | February 26, 2013
It's not the auto-apocalypse, it's just a slow news day: Yesterday, reputable mainstream media sources were all, like, "GM's CEO wants to raise your taxes because he doesn't think a $9 million salary is enough!" and today they're all, like, "Oops, our bad!" Maybe we'll change our name to for even reporting this, but GM announced via press release this morning a refutation of the inaccurate, tax-raising-funded, fear-mongering-break-out-the-pitchfork reports. "Unfortunately, someone who obviously did not understand the compensation request leaked the information in a way that misrepresented the truth in order to score political points on the eve of a congressional hearing."
And the reports went viral, despite the fact that GM submitted a $9 million request--not the reported $11 million--to the Office of the Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation--the same compensation figure that Dan Akerson received in both 2011 and 2012. And in other news, GM poached Tim Mahoney from Volkswagen to be its Chief Marketing Officer. Mahoney, no fool, will begin on April 1 and will be responsible for implementing Chevrolet's new brand platform, "Find New Roads." Perhaps they should find a new slogan… Mahoney had previously worked with Subaru and Porsche before his brief stint at Volkswagen, notes a generic press release, probably written by an underling speaking for Alan Batey, GM Vice President, U.S. Sales and Service, and interim GM Global Chief Marketing Officer. "Tim’s experience and passion for the automotive marketing business, combined with his innovative and collaborative style, has made him one of the most respected marketers in the business." And there you have it, folks: This guy is an innovative and collaborative marketer. Let's hope he's more effective than the last guy GM had in that position. Sources: GM