GM Says Explosion Caused By Gases

By Matthew Askari | April 13, 2012
General Motors is saying a preliminary investigation into an explosion at a Michigan-based research facility was caused by gases. The gases were emanating from a battery pack when the blast occurred during testing. A few people were evaluated by medical personnel and one man was left hospitalized after the blast. Looking to quell speculation that the battery blast could have something to do with the Chevy Volt battery, GM was quick to point out that this was not a battery used in the Volt, or any current production vehicle. GM has had to deal with scrutiny over its Volt batteries after reports of batteries catching fire after crash tests. GM has since said drivers were never in any danger, as the fires occurred hours or even days after the tests. As a precautionary measure though, GM modified the battery packs in Volts already on the road, and redesigned the housing on Volts currently in production. As for the explosion, GM says it will continue to investigate. Source: Detroit News