GM’s Missouri Plant to Build New Midsize Truck, Tennessee to Produce Two Midsize Vehicles

By Matthew Askari | September 21, 2011
Information about General Motors’ future production plans have emerged thanks to details of the tentative pact the company is finalizing with the United Auto Workers. The automaker's Wentzville, Missouri plant has been tapped to build a new midsize pickup. The plant is currently producing GMC and Chevrolet full-sized vans and will continue to do so along with the pickup. With the current Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon at the end of their production lifecycle, it’s clear this isn’t a segment GM is willing to give up. As for the new midsize pickup, it’s possible the U.S. market will receive a version of the overseas Chevrolet Colorado, which is about to launch in Thailand. Although Toyota just debuted a refreshed 2012 Tacoma midsize truck, Ford plans to discontinue the Ranger and the Ram Dakota has ceased production. GM will also reopen the former Saturn plant in Tennessee to build two midsize sedans; previous plans called for production in Mexico. There is speculation that the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain crossovers could be produced there to help meet high demand. In the compact car segment, GM will build a new compact vehicle in an unnamed plant and create about 500 jobs. The mysterious compact vehicle might be the Opel Astra three-door hatchback (pictured) rebadged as a Buick, Automotive News reports. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

I would buy one if only Govt. Motors would sell one here. They sell diesel full size trucks without any worry. The stain of the 5.7 diesels in cars has long been removed...