Going, Going, Gone! Never Driven Saab Cars, Vehicles, to Roll Up on Auction Block

By Joel Arellano | June 26, 2012
The sad, Saab, story continues to cause a trickle down one's cheek as the Swedish brand refuses to die, news-wise, like now gone Isuzu, Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn. The latest gasp for breath? Ally Financial, which was Saab's lender before the automaker's bankruptcy late last year, has been fighting in the court system to secure Saab's assets for payments outstanding. Ally has begun to seize various Saab cars like the 9-3 and other vehicles located in various ports and facilities across the U.S. Ally Financial first seized Saab vehicles waiting at Port Hueneme, California, at the beginning of 2012. Now Ally has secured Saabs parked in Port Newark as well. The lender will auction the vehicles later this week, with only U.S. Saab dealers allowed to bid.   In a later auction, car exporters and rental car companies will also be allowed to bid for remaining brand new Saab 9-3s. Ally also plans to auction off Saab company vehicles which are scattered across the U.S. in storage facilities. These include automobiles from Saab's Heritage collection.
New, never driven, Saab cars and crossovers are still available at dealerships. Discounts have usually ranged between 30 to 35-percent, though discounts up to 50-percent are not impossible. It will be interesting to see how rental agencies deal with their winnings; are Saabs like the 9-3 going to be the latest rental special? Source: SaabWord