Google Seeks Suitors for Self-Driving Car Tech

By Matthew Askari | April 27, 2012
Internet giant and world dominator seeks lowly mortal automaker to further plans for supremacy in all spheres of existence. Any Takers? Now that Google's Android operating software has the majority stake of the Smartphone market, Google's email service— Gmail —is up and running and just about every kid born in the last decade will no longer need to actually learn anything as they can just "Google-it," the Goliath company wants to drive your car, too. While news of Google's automated driving vehicles has been making headlines for some time now, it appears the Silicon Valley giant is aggressively looking to make this a reality sooner than later. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the head of Google's automated driving project, Anthony Levandowski, was in Detroit this week looking for a potential partner to help bring the cars to market. The trip was largely to gauge interest from automakers, but Levandowski said there was much work yet to be done. Google will have to thoroughly test the software and iron out any kinks, and it will have to get the cost down to a level that would make sense for automakers and the market. Still, despite these challenges Levandowski said he believes the technology should be ready "much sooner than the next decade. If not, shame on us as engineers." Some automakers have already worked with Google to license its mapping software for navigation systems. A big challenge will be to develop a system free of errors, which would inspire confidence in its use.  Not everything Google touches turns to gold (use that Google+ account much?), but we wouldn't bet against them, either.
Source: Wall Street Journal