Governor Schwarzenegger answers Questions on Detroit Car Makers

By Automotive Staff | April 21, 2009
Detroit -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, said that despite popular opinion in these parts, he does not hate Detroit, its workers or its cars. In fact, the aging action hero said, he owns a dozen automobiles and believes there are brighter days are ahead for the Big Three. The governor even offered to do a pro bono commercial promoting the virtues of the Motor City. "Let me just say I love the Hummer," Schwarzenegger said. "It's a great car, and the new H2 plug-in electric hybrid gets a hundred miles to the gallon. Can you believe that? It's fantastic and this is what Detroit can produce when it puts its mind to it. This is where the action's at." In an exclusive interview with The Detroit News after touring the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress at Cobo Center, Schwarzenegger spoke expansively about alternative energy vehicles, the role of government and the general state of the economy, including workers wages and benefits.
The interview was conducted at the MGM Grand Detroit Casino because the governor wished to talk someplace besides the dreary Cobo Center, which offered convention-goers stained carpets, rationed coffee creamer and an overflowing toilet. The full Q&A can be found at the Detroit News.