Grey Poupon's "The Lost Footage" Hams Up the Mustard Commercial

By | February 26, 2013
Ever wondered what happened at the end of the Grey Poupon commercial after the mustard is passed from one car to the next? So have we. What ensues is an epic car chase of classy proportions, with champagne corks and caviar used to ward off the approaching vehicle. Like the original commercial from the 1980s, this one starts out just the same, with a distinguished gentleman eating his lunch as another car pulls up beside him and asks the iconic question, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?" The car then drives away after receiving the mustard, and here is where the car chase ensues. Politeness is not something you'd expect from a car chase, but with "distinguished gentlemen," it's exactly what you get." Car One sets chase and the man in Car Two politely asks his driver, "Alfred, to be so kind and put the pedal to the metal." Both cars crash onto a golf course and start a fencing match with golf clubs, all the while maintaining pleasantries in their conversation. The chase becomes more involved when Car One introduces its champagne cork launcher and starts firing at Car Two. They enter the street and Car Two uses a caviar slick to gain some distance from Car One. They launch off a bridge and land in a grocery store, where the gentleman in Car One believes them to be dead, seeing a display of Grey Poupon in front of them. "Please, sir. Pardon me," says the gentleman from Car Two as he hands the other man a bottle of the fancy mustard. The commercial comes to an end with the message, "Spread Good Taste." Source: Grey Poupon via Youtube
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