Growing the Family: Mitsubishi Charges i MiEV Electric Car with Base Model, Lower Pricing

By Joel Arellano | July 06, 2011
Mitsubishi has announced updates to its i MiEV electric car for the Japanese market. Called the “i” in the U.S., the automaker is adding a base “M” i MiEV, which is priced at 2.60 million yen ($32,000), a substantial drop from the original 3.98 million yen ($49,000). The number drops to $23,000 with Japanese government subsidies. The EV’s range, though, decreases from 100 miles to 75 miles. The higher “G” model is now priced at 3.8 million yen ($47,000) while its range jumps from 100 miles to 110 miles. These changes, according to Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko, are due to a slash in battery pricing -- more than half -- over the past couple of years. "Costs have really come down dramatically," Masuko said during a news conference. "We will try to keep the price down even when the subsidies go away.” Mitsubishi has sold 10,000 i MiEV worldwide since 2009 with plans to sell up to 25,000 by next March. Nissan has sold 8500 Leaf electric cars since December 2010. Hawaii will be the first state to sell the Mitsubishi i when it goes on sale this November. It is unknown whether the base M and G models will ever be sold in the U.S. Source: Reuters