Guten Tag! Mercedes-Benz F 125! Hints to Future COMAND Telematics Infotainment System

By Joel Arellano | October 28, 2011
Mercedes-Benz showed off more than just a…pretty face of its F 125! concept car at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Besides showcasing future design, engines, and the annoying use of exclamation points in car names, the Mercedes F 125! concept hints to the German automaker's direction of its COMAND telematics system. According to Mercedes, the future @yourCOMAND strategy can be broken down into four basic directions. Seamless experience with @yourCOMAND means none of the currently annoying syncing of vehicle telematics with the driver's iPhone/smartphone; Natural handling means greater use of voice commands to control @yourCOMAND applications and systems; crisp audio and visual components comprise Sensory perfection; while Remote convenience allows owners, while away from their vehicle, to set @yourCOMAND from their PC (remember those?) or smartphone. Mercedes was vague on the specific technologies that are part of the @yourCOMAND strategy, but hints can be seen in upcoming COMAND applications. Apps to interface with social media giant Facebook and various Google functionalities like Street View and Panoramio will be available starting next month, all downloadable without driving to the nearest dealership. Future features include protocols allowing drivers to view and control either their iPhone or smartphone apps directly from COMAND while the Near Field Communications (NFC) system makes syncing easy—and protected—by holding the smartphone at a designated area in the car. No Bluetooth, no PIN, no mess.'s take: We're still on the fence regarding "networked" vehicles, feeling the fewer distractions to the driver, the better. However, we know that, short of an outright ban by governments (who can't even balance the budget), such integrated telematics systems such as this are inevitable. What do you think of Mercedes' @yourCOMAND as well as similar systems from Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai? As always, let us know in the comments below. Source: Mercedes-Benz