‘Guts. Glory. Ram’: Trucks Head to ‘Old West’ in New Ram Campaign

By Sam Grossman | June 14, 2011
Guts. Glory. Ram.’ While this phrase might sound like its describing war, it is actually the new tagline for Chrysler’s Ram truck brand, which is part of an all-new, western-themed advertising campaign designed showcase the capability and superiority the Ram lineup. “The brand’s outstanding craftsmanship and beliefs are delivered in this campaign by using the rustic ‘Old West’ as the perfect juxtaposition of past and present American values; a time when hard working and well-crafted man-made machines were a must,” said Chrysler Group head Olivier Francois in a statement announcing the campaign. The use of a western theme is a refreshingly new idea by Ram. Both creative and different, it is sure to catch the eye of both casual and hardcore truck fans alike. Going back to the tagline, Guts. Glory. Ram,’ it absolutely states the traits a truck should portray. A truck should be able to do the dirty work -- Guts. It should also bring glory to those who own it, like it’s the king of the road -- Glory
According to Ram Truck head Fred Diaz, “the new tagline ‘Guts. Glory. Ram.’ pays homage to the history of Ram Truck Brand and represents the hard work and dedication placed in the design, engineering and production of each and every Ram truck.” Chrysler obviously put a lot of effort into making the ‘Old West’ theme appear as authentic as possible. This included location and wardrobe, among other touches. The Ram brand wanted the characters to be portrayed as tough, gritty, and believable. Well, they seemed pretty believable to us, what do you think? You can CLICK  HERE to check out the ads. Source: Chrysler

A refreshing new location, it seems heavy duty trucks always appear on construction job sites. The look and feel goes well with the attitude of the truck. With success it will surely turn into a series of commercials.