Head2Head Odd Couple: Citroen DS vs. Tesla Model S?

By Jason Davis | March 28, 2013
I don't get the appeal of the Citroen DS. There, I said it. I've just committed an act of automotive journalist heresy. And look, here come the Hipster Hoon Police. They're going to lock me up and bar me from ever again writing words about cars. Seriously. If you listen to the auto dweebs ramble on about the Citroen DS, you'd think it was a cult. All of its remarkable achievements were fantastic contributions to the advancement of automotive comfort, convenience, and safety, many of which are still in use. I get that. That much is practical. But none of that explains its lasting appeal. Because it's one sinisterly, ugly car. Chief among the DS's cult of advocates is Motor Trend's enigmatic host of Head2Head, Jonny Lieberman, where in its latest segment, you'll here see a 1956 Citroen DS-19 take on the 2013 Tesla Model S, which recently won Motor Trend's vaunted "Car of the Year" award. Which is STUPID. And GREAT. Why would anyone compare 50-plus-year-old French car to a brand new electric hot rod sedan? Because it's Motor Trend, that's why. Also, you'll just have to watch the video to find out how this is a surprisingly relevant comparison. Now go get some beignets and enjoy the video.

Source: Motor Trend via YouTube