Hank Hill, Your Fully-Loaded Automobile-Inspired Tractor Has Arrived

By Trevor Dorchies | January 04, 2012
There's a first time for everything. In this case Craftsman, a tool and landscaping equipment manufacturer, will be showcasing its new CTX Tractor at the North American International Auto Show. The Detroit Auto Show began back in 1907, holding annual shows until a nine year hiatus was taken from 1943-1952. The show became known as the North American International Auto Show in 1989 and has carried on the same name ever since. Never has there been a tractor on display at the North American International Auto Show...until now. "We are launching this new line of Craftsman tractors because homeowners with larger lawns and more rugged terrains want a durable, high-performance tractor mower to help them maintain a beautiful lawn," said Kris Malkoski, vice president and general manager of the Craftsman brand.  "Because Detroit has given us great performing cars with best-in-class features, we think it is logical to bring a tractor to the Auto Show that does the same." The Craftsman CTX is touted as a "powerful, durable, and dependable" tractor and comes fully-loaded, just like the automotive brethren with which it will be sharing space at the Cobo Center. While we're still waiting on Nurburgring lap times for the CTX, we do know it comes standard with features like automatic traction control, electronic fuel management, electronic cutting height adjustment, and quick deck removal. While the Craftsman's CTX can only seat one passenger and a cold beverage, a 30 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine hides underneath the hood and tops out at a blistering eight mph when cutting the grass needs to be done at halftime on Sundays. Missed a spot? Never fear, the CTX can reach three mph when in reverse.
A heavy-duty welded frame supports the CTX while a cast-iron axle enables it be navigate tough terrain or an awkwardly positioned birdbath. Other standard features include cruise control (a competitive necessity that may only intensify lawn-cutting lassitude), a digital and color-coded instrument panel, power steering, a steering wheel that tilts and is soft to the touch, and a 12 volt adapter to charge your iPod while listening to it at the same time. The Craftsman CTX tractor will become available to the public next month and will carry a price tag ranging from $2,999-$6,499.99. There will be two yard tractors and two garden tractors available, each commanding a different price. As always attachments are sold separately. Source: Craftsman