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"Happy Grad" Wins Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Ad Contest

By Joel Arellano | January 20, 2012
Last December, General Motors launched Chevrolet Route 66, a website which showcased select video entries for the automaker's all-important 30-second Super Bowl XLVI ad. The entry, "Chevy Happy Grad", by aspiring filmmaker and Long Island resident Zach Borst, won after garnering more than 32 million views. “When I saw Zach’s spot, I had to laugh, because the situation is something many families can relate to – expectation and reality," said, Joel Ewanick, Global Chief Marketing Officer for General Motors. "‘Happy Grad’ clearly shows the passion that Chevrolet elicits.” In "Chevy Happy Grad", the parents of an unnamed student surprise him with a graduation gift. Hilarity ensues when he mistakes the nearby Chevrolet Camaro as his parents' surprise. “My Dad was a cop and worked real hard to be able to buy his kids their first cars," states Borst. "They were used, but mine meant the world to me. Then I wondered what it would look like if I got a brand new Camaro? I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want a Camaro as a graduation gift?” Check out the "Chevy Happy Grad" video below. Over 100 million viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl XLVI next month.

Source: General Motors/Chevrolet

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This is so funny! Definately something most of us can relate to. I enjoyed the story behind it. The producer has obvious talent. Good going!

San Diego Mechanic
San Diego Mechanic

Hey, they shouldn't have stood right next to the new car when they told him they had a suprise meant for him. I'd think the same way too, and would claim it until at least the whole day.lols