Haute Couture: Carlos Lago Drives The Aston Martin Virage On Ignition

By Blake Z. Rong | June 04, 2012
Aston Martin, of all companies, has been accused of building the same car over and over again, as if doing so were a crime. From the DB9 to the Rapide, and even the dearly-departed Vanquish and DB7, Aston Martins all look the same, evidently: They've all got that big, long nose, the jutting grille, and the cutesy little upturn in the back; all cut from the same British-borne, Savile-tailored Gieves & Hawkes double-breasted cashmere wool cloth. And oh boy, what a cloth. It's hard to fault a company, any company, for sticking with a tried-and-true formula when all of its cars look so good. This may be subjective. But the idea that Aston Martin cars are beautiful is one of those popular views whose contrarian notion comes as welcomed as admitting that one doesn't like pizza. Likewise, the Aston Martin Virage can't be faulted for looking like a slightly cleaner, more orangey version of the DB9. It plants itself firmly between the former and the more hardcore DBS, as hardcore as a bespoke luxury supercar can get. And on the latest episode of Ignition, on the Motor Trend Channel, Carlos Lago goes forth to find out whether the Virage really does combine the comfort of the DB9 and the sporting credentials (and James Bondian lady-killing presence) of the DBS. "Quite fun," says Lago, after sliding it around a parking lot in the sort of uncouth manner that gets the Motor Trend staff kicked out of Pebble Beach. Yes, quite.

Source: Motor Trend