Head 2 Head: Camaro and Mustang Rivalry Heats Up With The Addition Of Actual Corners

By Blake Z. Rong | June 28, 2012
Is there a greater American rivalry—other than Khruschev vs. Eisenhower, or catsup vs. ketchup—than Mustang vs. Camaro? No, probably not. Other than Team Jacob and Team Edward (both of which are referring to names of our coworkers, not sparkly werewolves or something), the Camaro and Mustang are at the prime of their competition against each other—and now that both cars can actually do things like turn and handle corners, it's not such a foolish idea for Motor Trend's Head 2 Head to take it around some. And then they came back, more or less in one piece. Angus Mackenzie drives Ford's Shelby Mustang GT500 and Chevy Camaro ZL1, though not at the same time. He takes them up to Mulholland Highway, over to  Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for some laps with Motor Trend ringer Randy Pobst, and a classic quarter-mile drag race finale—because America, that's why. Team Camaro, or Team Mustang? We won't spoil the surprise. Fans of either cars aren't going to switch allegiances at the drop of a helmet. When you watch this week's episode of Head 2 Head, try not to read the comments.