Head 2 Head: Motor Trend Drives the Ford C-MAX and the Toyota Prius V

By Jason Davis | November 08, 2012
This is just for fun, says Motor Trend. But it's not a comparison test! But it is, if you're the kind of driver who thinks "Battle of the Hybrids" sounds like Christmas in July. Or November. But for millions of Americans, especially consumers shopping for an efficient family hauler, the reality is that a hybrid car makes a lot of sense. That's our position here at Automotive.com. We even recently named the Toyota Prius C the "best hatchback hyper-miler in America." But what about its sibling, the Prius V, or the new Ford C-MAX? That's what Head 2 Head is all about. MT's enigmatic host, Johnny Lieberman, points out that the Toyota Prius is the best-selling car in Japan. It's also the best-selling car in California, which, if you learned from the recent presidential election, is the state where 1 in 8 Americans live. But is the Ford C-MAX a better car? And is it just a technological clone of the venerable first comer? And are either of them fun? These answers and more below.