Head 2 Head Takes On The German Rivalry With Audi And BMW

By Blake Z. Rong | June 13, 2012
For those of a (self-described) thinking man's persuasion who deign the ages-old "Chevrolet Camaro vs. Ford Mustang" rivalry as that of trucker-hatted juveniles who shoplift from Kohl's, there's always the BMW 3-Series vs. Audi A4 rivalry. It's been around for half the time, but the German civil war is just as compelling—no matter how those alphanumeric letters or numbers fall into place. In this episode of Head 2 Head, on the Motor Trend Youtube Channel, it's the BMW 335i against the Audi S4. But wait! you might shout. That's an unfair battle, right? The S4's rival is the BMW M3, and sending a pleibian 3-Series is like bringing a schnauzer to a bullriding competition. What gives, guys? Carlos Lago might hear you and then tell you to shut up. Because hold on a second there, bucko: both cars have 6 cylinders around 3 liters in size. Both cars feature direct injection and turbocharging. Both cars start around the mid-$40k range. And if you haven't forgotten, the BMW M3 packs a ferocious V8—and there's an RS4 variant that's normally reserved to fight against such matters. So what's better? We won't spoil it for you—in the peculiar manner in which fans react, there's really no changing anybody's mind. Porsche will still sell their 911, Chevy will keep building the Corvette, and the Audi/BMW fight drags again, anew; but hey, at least they're both still winners in anyone's book.

Source: Motor Trend