HEMI-Powered Dodge Chargers join Paramedic Ambulance Fleet

By Automotive Staff | January 08, 2009
Oh, cute.We always thought ambulances were annoying despite their necessity. Now, though, residents in Wake County, North Carolina, will have to deal with the HEMI roar of Dodge Chargers as they race to the latest emergency. The county approved the five bruisers for the simplest of reasons: practicality. The large sedans are spacious; more fuel efficent than SUVs or rival Ford Crown Vics; and have better resale value. And the HEMI engine? States EMS District Chief Jeffrey Hammerstein: "We didn't choose this vehicle because it has a powerful engine or a fast start or something like that," said Hammerstein, who said he has not yet driven one of the Chargers. "Sure, we don't want to buy something with such a small, four-cylinder engine you can't make it go. It's a safer vehicle altogether because it is prepared for an emergency response." More details can be found at The News & Observer. Our take? Don't be surprised if a future article pops up about some of the EMTs taking these monsters for joyrides. Who could resist?