Here is the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan And Coupe

By Blake Z. Rong | August 08, 2012
A new Honda Accord comes as often as a comet, it seems, and it generates just as much interest. In that vein, Honda debuted photos of the 2013 Accord, easily one of the most important cars to be introduced this year. Still staying strong in its 9th generation of life, the Accord gets a more handsome, less anonymous (we think) front end, with wider spars of chrome across its grille. Along the side, the deep line that goes from the front fender upwards to the trunk becomes even deeper and more exaggerated. This time, it goes from concave to convex, rising out of the bodywork over the rear wheels. In back, the Accord's a dead ringer for the outgoing Hyundai Genesis, but the roofline stays the same with its sloping, slightly dowdy look. It's "the most sculpted Accord ever," says Honda, one that will "withstand the test of time." The coupe, unsurprisingly, stays true to the concept that debuted in Detroit earlier this year. A blackened mesh grille reflects a level of sportiness, along with smaller foglights that are round instead of square. The rear tailights are reminiscent of those found on the Civic coupe, and true to the looks of the current Accord, with some squared-off reflectors that add a level of awkwardness to the corner intersections.
"This car is the most sculpted and the most dynamic Accord yet," said Vicki Poponi, assistant vice president of product planning for American Honda. "Following Honda’s long-held philosophy of 'man maximum, machine minimum,' the beautiful exterior evolved from a focus on interior space and the needs of the people inside it." The Accord is smaller dimensionally, but Honda made sure to improve packaging and eke out more room on the inside. And yes, the Accord will come with LED lights as an option, both in front and back. You won't have to wait much longer for our extensive first drive of the 2013 Honda Accord, in just a few weeks. Source: Honda