Honda, Acura Recalling Late-Model Vehicles For Airbag Defects

By Blake Z. Rong | December 02, 2011
Honda is issuing a recall on certain Honda and Acura models built from 2001 to 2003, where the driver’s side airbag can deploy a little too enthusiastically, potentially injuring or killing the driver. Over 273,000 vehicles are directly affected by the recall, but in addition, Honda determined that the parts for this airbag were installed on a wide variety of vehicles. Therefore, they’re expanding the airbag recall to cover over 600,000 additional vehicles and replace parts if necessary. The vehicles are a cross-section of Honda’s entire lineup, including the Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot, and CR-V. In addition, Acura’s 2002-2003 TL and dearly-departed CL coupe are also being recalled. If you’re not sure whether your vehicle is affected, you can contact Honda’s Customer Service line at (800) 999-1009 and select option 4, or go to Honda’s recall website.

haha honda and toyoto been heiding defects for years. now showing there true colors thank God!