Honda Adds Plug-Ins And Hybrids Galore To Zipcar

By Blake Z. Rong | April 12, 2012
Zipcar, the trendy hourly rental car service for sophisticated urbanites and car-hating youths, will be adding a lot of advanced Honda electric vehicles to its lineup—everything from plug-ins to hybrids, all with the big H in front. Honda will provide the car sharing network with the new Fit EV, which has been testing in Torrance for the past year but will eventually branch out to other locales. In addition, an Accord Plug-In Sedan will be available in select cities early next year, which will be the same time that it also goes on sale. In addition, Zipcar will receive more Honda Insights and the new CR-V to their lineup.
"As the car sharing market leader, Zipcar is the best choice for us to showcase our newest energy-efficient transportation technologies," said Steven Center, vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office at Honda, "given the strength of their brand, their tech-savvy, conscious and connected members and the geographic reach of their operations." Currently, Zipcar already rents out a few hybrids. The ever-popular Toyota Prius is one, as well as the Honda Insight and Nissan Altima Hybrid. All of them come with cutely inexplicable names like "Blinn," "Cibrian" and "Applause," in case your automotive bonding goes beyond the hour you've paid for it. Zipcar is mainly based in metropolitan areas, especially in Boston where it was founded (in nearby Cambridge, at least). Here, hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles make sense; for around-town driving, they are at their most efficient. Most Zipcar owners will be using their cars for running errands, schlepping furniture around, and shuttling their friends from Back Bay to the Middle East, instead of the long-haul trips that conventional rental services are tailored to. And lest you think Zipcar is all hippy-dippy and environmental proselytizing, the company also offers the BMW 328xi the Audi A3 for fashion victims, a few Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks, and a Ford Econoline cargo van for around-town bank heists. Source: Honda