Honda Ads Tout Continuous Improvement, 2013 Civic

By Matthew Askari | January 04, 2013
The 2013 Honda Civic is vastly improved over the 2012 model, and Honda wants you to know about it. While the Japanese automaker still sold heaps of 2012 Civics, the media—including a few of us here—were none to impressed by the lack of effort, and overall blandness of the previous model. In our editors' collective about our Best and Worst of 2011, I wrote about the "shame of the 2012 Honda Civic," saying: "While doubtless the car is still a good, reliable car, there was no hint of passion, inspiration, excitement in that car. The fabric and dash were lackluster, and there was a general somberness about the car. We hear Honda execs have caught wind of their faux pas, letting such a storied model be shamed in such a manner. The questions are, what are they going to do about it, and when?" It was to a chorus of calls such as this that Honda took notice, and its CEO even apologized and said Honda would do better. Continuous improvement, that's the new slogan, and after recently driving the 2013 Honda Civic, we can say without hesitation that Honda made good on its promise to be better. To highlight its new motto, Honda has released a series of ads that are currently airing, for both the Civic sedan and Civic Si Coupe. Check out the one for the Civic Sedan below; you can see the rest on Honda's YouTube page.And in case you haven't caught them, you can check them out below.

Source: Honda

Megha Kapoor
Megha Kapoor

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