Honda Aims for Electric Only 15 Mile Range with Future Plug-In Hybrids

By Automotive Staff | March 10, 2011
At the recent International Rechargeable Battery Expo in Tokyo, Japan, a Honda engineer revealed some details of Honda's future hybrid vehicles. According to Automotive News, the new hybrid configuration is a two-motor system utilizing a lithium-ion battery produced in a joint-venture with GS Yuasa Corp. It should be capable of running for 9-15 miles without utilizing the gasoline engine. This strategy marks a significant change in Honda’s hybrid strategy from its current Integrated Motor Assist model, which is generally considered to be a “mild” hybrid system, because the electric assist generally complements the internal-combustion engine’s output, rather than supplanting or paralleling it. Honda is debuting its first production use of lithium-ion batteries with the 2012 Civic Hybrid. The new hybrid powertrain is being prepared for testing in the Honda Accord before the new hybrid range launches. via Automotive News (Subscription required) courtesy of Automobile Magazine Staff
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