Honda at SEMA: 2014 Honda Civic Coupe Changes, Performance Accessories for CR-Z

By | November 05, 2013
The Civic is officially back. To complement recent upgrades made to the sedan version, Honda has announced changes to the Civic coupe and Civic Si at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. The 2014 Honda Civic coupe strives for a more athletic appearance this time around, featuring a bolder nose, a stronger fender line, and new wheel designs. One of the major goals for the new Honda Civic coupe is to differentiate itself from the tamer sedan, and this effort can be seen particularly in the contoured rear bumper and unique top and bottom taillights. Its performance-oriented cousin, the Civic Si, also sports a fiercer look with a bolder spoiler and large wheels. But for speed fiends, the biggest news for the Si is under the hood. The engine has been tweaked to deliver 205 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque, each stat increasing by four ponies or pound-feet. These changes are the result of a freer flowing exhaust system. Honda has also revised the suspension for improved responsiveness and roll feel. The spring rate is up 4 percent for increased stiffness while the rear stabilizer rate is up 42 percent. What that means to you: A little more rear-end play in cornering.
Speaking of the CR-Z, there is also news on this front. In addition to the Civic announcements, Honda also revealed it will bring genuine high-performance parts to the CR-Z through Honda Performance Development. A chassis kit for the CR-Z will feature 18 inch aluminum wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires as well as a sport brake pads and sport dampers. Cosmetic changes such as a front lip spoiler, a tailgate spoiler, rear diffuser, and sport exhaust are also included. This kit goes on sale November 5. The HPD Supercharger Kit beefs up the CR-Z to 187 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque thanks to an intercooled supercharger added to the engine. Optional on the Supercharger Kit is a limited slip differential and high capacity sports clutch. Expect this kit to be available by the spring of 2014. We had the opportunity to briefly drive a Honda CR-Z with the supercharger kit. If you look back on reviews of the CR-Z, you'll see a common thread: If it only had 50 more horsepower, it'd be pretty fun. It turns out that assessment was right. With 187 horses, it's not like the CR-Z is suddenly a rocketship. But it definitely steps out more quickly, and the snorty sounding exhaust adds some excitement that was sorely lacking in the original. Our brief drive--it was only 15 minutes of wheel time--didn't allow us to explore the new suspension and tires, but Honda's definitely on the right track with the supercharger kit. If Honda can keep the price reasonable, it could finally keep the promises the CR-Z's sporty styling makes. Source: Honda