Honda Exports One Millionth Vehicle from U.S., Looks to Become Net Exporter Stateside

By Trevor Dorchies | December 06, 2012
It all started back in 1982 when Honda began assembling vehicles in the United States, when Honda became the first Japanese automaker to build its vehicles on American soil. Then, in 1987, Honda began exporting American-made vehicles back to Taiwan. The very first vehicle Honda exported to Japan came in the form of an Accord coupe. Today, a 2013 Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line at the automaker's facility in Marysville, Ohio earlier today; it's headed across the Pacific Ocean to Seoul, South Korea, making it the one millionth new Honda built in the United States and exported overseas. And Honda's just getting started.
Currently, Honda exports vehicles made in America to more than 40 countries, with the total number of exports this year expected to eclipse 100,000 units by year's end. Honda expects to export more American-made vehicles than import vehicles made in other countries in the next two years. The projected target of exported vehicles this year is expected to clear the old record of 105,511 units set in 1994 with ease. Dating back to 1987, Honda has exported over $22 billion worth of vehicles and components, all of which have been made stateside.
Honda also has its sights set on becoming the net exporter from North America by 2014, too. The Japanese automaker has already revealed plans to build a factory in Mexico to handle Fit hatchback production. Production capacity in the United States is also expected to balloon over the course of the next two years as well. The plan is to increase production capacity from 1.63 million units (which it currently does) to 1.92 million units annually by 2014. Source: Honda, Automotive News (subscription required)